High Reliability With Solar Panels.

PV cells were originally developed for use in space, where repair is extremely expensive, if not impossible. PV still powers nearly every satellite circling the earth because it operates reliably for long periods of time with virtually no maintenance.

Low Operating Costs For Solar Energy

Solar panel cells use the energy from sunlight to produce electricity. With no moving parts, the solar cells require little upkeep. solar_panelsThese low-maintenance, cost-effective solar systems are ideal for supplying power to businesses, communications stations on mountain tops, navigational buoys at sea (including the Monterey Bay), homes far from utility power lines, electric vehicle charging or for those simply interested in getting off the grid like in Big Sur, Carmel Valley and other remote places within the Monterey County.

Our systems are designed to uniquely complement your existing energy usage and environment to maximize energy production and value. We provide you with several system options and help you make the most well informed and educated decision possible.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Because solar panels burn no fuel and have no moving parts, PV systems are clean and silent. This is especially important where the main alternatives for obtaining power and light are from diesel genertors and kerosene lanterns. As we become more aware of "greenhouse gases" and their detrimental effects on our planet, clean energy alternatives like PV become more important than ever. As we begin to realize and respect the fragility of our planet's ecosystem, clean power choices like PV become extremely important.


A solar system can be constructed to any size based on energy requirements. Furthermore, the owner of a PV system can enlarge or move it if his or her energy needs change. For instance, homeowners can add solar panels every few years as their energy usage and financial resources grow. Ranchers can use mobile trailer-mounted pumping systems to water cattle as the cattle are rotated to different fields.