Solar System consisting of:

  • solar panels, roof mounted on low-profile racks
  • solar electrical inverter(s)
  • combiner boxes, conduit, fittings, wire
  • utility disconnect & misc. hardware
  • User's manual
  • Site solar engineering
  • Completion and filing of solar rebate reservation, confirmation and claim forms (and ancillary documentation) for California Energy Commision Renewables Buydown Program
  • Completion and filing of all required solar permits and applications (Calif. Energy Commission, Pacific Gas & Electric, local government)
  • Solar Installation
  • Solar System acceptance testing and all required start up procedures.
  • Local solar building/electrical inspection
  • Utility solar interconnection. All solar systems meet the requirements of both PG&E and the National Electric Code (NEC). All required solar forms, solar permits, solar inspections, signoffs, etc. required for connection and to qualify for net metering.
  • Customer training (solar system status monitoring, system start-up, and emergency shut down procedures)

Warranty: The complete solar system carries a full 10-year performance warranty. Applied Solar Energy warrants that your solar system will perform as designed for a full ten years at no additional cost to you. Additionally, the solar panels carry a limited 25 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Free Analysis

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PG&E Rates for E1 Residential Tariff

ENERGY CHARGE ($ per kWh):
usage up to baseline
usage from 101% to 200% of baseline
TIER III QUANTITIES, (201% and up)
usage from 201% and up of baseline