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Solar Certificates and Licenses

Solar Contractor Licenses 678517 C-46

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Our mission is to apply the sun's energy
to create value for our clients,
achieve sustainability,
and protect the environment.

The Monterey Bay Area's Premier Solar Installer and Solar Designer For 30 Years!


We design and install solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses in the Monterey Bay area, serving the Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, and San Benito County with the highest level of service possible. Our solar designers incorporate the latest technology available in solar panels and other solar equipment to reach our customers solar power demands. Without consuming any fuel or creating any pollution, the PV systems produce solar electricity, replacing power that would have been purchased from PG&E. No oil, coal, natural gas, uranium or plutonium is consumed, nor is any carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, greenhouse gas, smog or other pollutant released.

We have a form you can fill out and email to receive a FREE SOLAR ANALYSIS of your needs.

During the day, when your solar system has more power then you need, the excess solar electricity flows from your house to the power lines, running your meter backwards, earning you solar credits. At night, and when your needs are greater than your solar panels are producing, the grid supplies your power.

Take a virtual Monterey Bay solar tour at a Map of our Monterey Bay Area Solar Projects. You can zoom in and pan around to see where our happy clients are making solar electricity from the sun. We have solar panel installations in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Salinas, Salinas Valley, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, & Hollister. Click on the solar sun images for solar project details.

SOLEX / Applied Solar Energy is a Sub-contracting Partner of non-profit solar installer GRID Alternatives. This partnership helps to bring affordable solar electricity to low-income families and supports the green jobs training efforts.

Why Use Solar Energy?

Is it really true that choosing what's better for the environment (Solar) costs less than using polluting power (PG&E)? The Economic Return on PV - It's one of the best investments you can make!

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Applied Solar Energy - Serving the Monterey Bay Area including Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, San Benito County, and California with high quality solar installations and solar designs for 30 years!.

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